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ayyy ma lemme holla at u fo a minute




this is the first photobooth selfie ive taken in like a year

also: i bought this shirt from emma’s online store! they’re really cool and i wish i had money to buy everything on there! and they’re hand screened too!

omg I only just saw this??
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my teacher told me he got fucked up this weekend & last night his vision was blurring as the moon was eclipsing and he thought it meant there was an impending nazi invasion or something lol


2 On (feat. ScHoolBoy Q) - Tinashe


Holly Lynton — from Bare Handed, 2008

The title Bare Handed refers to my subjects’ powerful yet intimate hands-on connection with their work—both land and animals—on the farm and in the wild. In these photographs, the heavy, overbearing machinery associated with modern life gives way to the simple, but potent, symbiotic relationship between man, creature, and the forces of weather, and allows these individuals a style of work that resembles a form of meditation. While making my photographs, I discovered that these individuals have a spiritual commitment to their work that goes beyond the rational and points to the power of faith.

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sf waz gr8


Crystal Castles | Vanished