Shannon & The Clams - I Know


jeaster spliffday

u kno u had a good 4/20 when u n ur friend take a nap in the parking lot of a bar & accidentally sleep thru the set of the band u came 2 see


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ayyy ma lemme holla at u fo a minute




this is the first photobooth selfie ive taken in like a year

also: i bought this shirt from emma’s online store! they’re really cool and i wish i had money to buy everything on there! and they’re hand screened too!

omg I only just saw this??
(♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡

my teacher told me he got fucked up this weekend & last night his vision was blurring as the moon was eclipsing and he thought it meant there was an impending nazi invasion or something lol